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Guaranteed Rent
We maintain your property to the highest standards.
Screened and Vetted
Professional Tenants

SERVING: Property Owners, Corporate Clients, Traveling Professionals, Students, Military, Government, Insurance Claims/Fire/Flood/Disaster Clients, Temporary Housing for Property Renovation Customers

We take the hassles out of property ownership.
  • We pay you every month on time.
  • We take extremely good care of your property, including lawn care.
  • We furnish the property usually with about $4500-$10,000 to attract the best tenants
  • We do not call you for minor repairs under $150.
  • If a major repair comes up, we will work with you and our network of service companies to get the issue resolved.  We also offer strategies to reduce your risk of expensive systems repairs and appliance replacement.
  • Visit your property anytime between tenants if you want to see how we are doing.
  • We own numerous properties ourselves and have more than 20 years experience in property ownership and management.
What do our current property owners have to say?

"We have a property coming up in Rockville that we would like you guys to do.  We will call you when we finalize it."  An T

"Can you guys do my condo located at ...........?"  Mariam S.

"Thanks for taking such great care of my property.  I wish I had more in that are
a that you could manage.  Let me know if you want to take over any of my properties in Alabama."  Adam B.

"Hey guys, one of my other places just came off the lease.  Can you guys do that one too?  It is right across the street from my other place that you guys are doing."  Mousa G.

"Hey Chip, one of my good friends is a dentist and I told him
 about you guys and he wants you to do all of his properties as they come off their current leases."  Mariam S. 

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